Polyetylen clo hóa (chlorinated polyethylene, CPE 135)

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Polyetylen clo hóa (chlorinated polyethylene, CPE 135)

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    Polyetylen clo hóa (chlorinated polyethylene, CPE 135)
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Polyetylen clo hóa (chlorinated polyethylene, CPE 135)


Product Description

It is chloridized by HDPE. Due to the molecule of CPE doesn't contain double bond, it has excellent weatherability, anti-flaming and wide application. It is mainly used as PVC impact modifier. 

Product performance 
It is white powder and innocuous. Since hydrogen atoms are replaced by chlorine atoms, the crystallization of HDPE was destroyed and becomes soft and full of rubber property. Because of the presence of chlorine atom, CPE turns into polar polymers and have the same polar groups as PVC. Under this situation, it increases the compatibility of PVC. In addition, it can blend with PE, PS and rubber to improve its physical properties 

Package and storage: 
Packed in composite plastic bag, lined with a PE bag, 25kg in weight. It can be stored in a cool and dry place with good ventilation. The expiring date is 12 months from the date of produced, but can be used if passed in an examination after 12 month.

Technical data and reference feed rate
Item   CPE135A
Chlorine content,% 35
Heat of fusion,J/g ≤ 2.0
Volatile,% ≤ 0.4
Residue on sieve(mesh of 0.9mm),% ≤ 2.0
Shore hardness ≤65
Tensile strength,MPa ≥6.0
Impurity particles,/100g ≤60

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