Silica Gel (Kukdong Korea)

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Silica Gel (Kukdong Korea)

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    Silica Gel (Kukdong Korea)
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Foodstuff, photo, electric equipments, exports package, euipment fo development, chemicals medicines, wool, leather, clothes, etc.
Properties/Grade Unit A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6
Particle Size Mesh 4-6 5-8 7-12 12-20 20-40 30-60
Shape   G or B G G
Blue Mixing Ratio % 3%, 5% or Not
Content (at 170oC)
% 1.2 max
Bulk Density g/mL 0.740 ~ 0.800
Surface Area m2/g 700~750
PH Value   4 - 7
Component % 99.0 Min
Moisture Adsorption Capacity 20RH% 11.0 Min
50RH% 25.0 Min
90RH% 35.0 Min



To control Humidity of W/House and container easy to damaged by moisture and of plants for industrial purpose. To protect clothes, shoes, piano form moisture with perfume and color. It is use for an aromatic silica gel. Also use for cat litter. 

Properties/Grade Unit B11 B12 B15 B16
Particle Size Mesh 4-6 5-8 30-60 50-150
Shape   B G
Content (at 170¡ÆC)
% 2.0 Max
Bulk Density g/mL 0.500~0.560
Surface Area m2/g 500~600
PH Value   6 - 8
Component % 99.0 Min
Moisture Adsorption Capacity 20RH% 5.5 Min
50RH% 13.0 Min
90RH% 60.0 Min

(G:Granular, B:Bead )



The color is deep blue in drying condition and changes to reddish violet when adsorbing moisture. This color-changing is distinguished at 10~40% relative humidity. After color-changing it keeps on absorbing moisture.
Heating about 3 hours at 130C makes color change from reddish violet to deep blue and restores original indicating and moisture-adsorbing capability.
According to EU Directive 98/98/EC, cobalt chloride applied to the current Silica gel indicating desiccants is classified as a carcinogen. Silica gel NeoBLUE¢ç applies safe substance as a indicator, which is not classified as toxic according to the current EC legislation.
SiO2 99.7%, organic color indicator 0.07%
New Self-Indicating Silica Gel - NeoBLUE®
Properties/Grade Unit NB1 NB2 NB3 NB4
Color Change   Reddish Violet
Particle Size Mesh 4-6 5-8 7-12 12-20
Shape   B G or B
Content (at 170¡ÆC)
% 2.0 Max
Bulk Density g/mL 0.720~0.780
Surface Area m2/g 700 - 750
Changing Point % 25 ± 5% RH
Component % SiO2 99.0 Min
Indicating Substance % 0.1 max
Moisture Adsorption Capacity 20RH% 8.0 Min
50RH% 20.0 Min
90RH% 30.0 Min

(G:Granular, B:Bead )

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